Armored services


The American Surveillance Co., Inc. armored trucks are a vault on wheels, staffed by dedicated professionals with industry-leading security and firearms training to ensure secured logistics and protection for your valuables.  Our priority is protecting our clients and their money, as we ensure that every detail is completed to its optimal potential, limiting your exposure to internal and external theft. Same day deposits are available, and we offer smart cash, coin, and check processing.
Security and reliable service are more important than ever. American Surveillance Co., Inc. leverages the most advanced state-of the-art methods in secure logistics and communications to strengthen and guarantee safety and security. 

American Surveillance Co., Inc. is backed by the most comprehensive All-Risk insurance in the business for ultimate peace of mind.  Employees will feel safer and more protected—and will be better able to do their jobs.  With American Surveillance Co., Inc, cash management solutions and safeguarding of valuables, your organization or place of business will be a less attractive target for criminals.