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Widespread Texas Border School District Upgrades Security from Analog to IP

Milestone Press Release COPENHAGEN – October 15, 2015

Analog to IP: A Significant Upgrade

MilestoneJaime Escobedo is President and CEO of American Surveillance Company Inc. He says the power and clarity of the new cameras is a vast improvement over the previous analog hardware.

“Mission CISD has a complete field of view 100 percent of the time, with an important digital zoom capability for investigation needs,” Escobedo says. “With one Arecont Vision camera, Mission CISD can now cover the same area as six or seven analog cameras used to. The resolution of the video now is so high that you can easily see all the details to help resolve disputes or handle situations both live and after the fact.”

Another limitation with the district’s analog system was it could not be accessed remotely, and the previous DVRs were not interconnected on a single system. The Milestone network video solution has resolved these issues.

“Milestone Federated Architecture is a critical tool,” Flores says. “I can pull up the feed from any campus to see what’s happening anytime, or troubleshoot a problem with a camera or a server - all from one convenient location.”

The integrated map features lets Flores quickly toggle between different security points. In addition, he has Milestone Mobile activated on his phone so he can log in remotely.

“Most of the principals have Milestone Web Client on their laptops and have already asked me to make sure they get Milestone Mobile on their phones or iPads for the coming year. They’re usually walking around their campus, checking in on different buildings so they want to be able to monitor security wherever they are, whether they’re in their office or not,” says Flores.

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